Tuyen Bui-Lally is a Vietnamese - French, communication expert & design researcher, passionate about food, technology & inter-cultural identity. She obtained her Masters Degree in international business communication from CELSA Paris IV La Sorbonne in 2006 while discovering her pursuit for creativity. After 10 years working in the private sector, planning worldwide events and marketing strategies, she now lives in the Greater Boston area and is finishing her MFA at the Dynamic Media Institute, Massachusetts College of Art + Design.

Hessam Daraei is a first year student from Iran at DMI, as well as a filmmaker and designer. He studied Industrial Design at University of Tehran and has worked as a graphic and interface designer. He loves cinema, TV, design, interaction, and storytelling. Hessam is always looking for a way to develop his ideas in these fields.

Yiji He  is from China and is a first-year student at the Dynamic Media Institute.  He is interested in developing dynamic media to re-explain the cultural difference between countries. He worked at advertising companies and Multimedia Studios for five years as a designer in Shanghai. At DMI, he is looking for a common medium to connect people who have different backgrounds.

Ryan Kenney is a second year, part-time student at DMI as well as a Freelance User Experience and Graphic Designer. She studied Advertising at Boston University and has worked in the Print, Advertising and Digital Design fields for the last ten years. She hopes to explore issues relating to time in her thesis.

Katie Liguori is a part-time thesis student at DMI while also working full-time as an Administrative Assistant at Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Katie received her BFA in Graphic Design from Northeastern University in 2013 and has previously held positions at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Stephen Score Antiques and Gallery, and ReDot Gallery in Singapore. After completing a Yoga Teacher Training in the summer of 2015, Katie knew that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness would play a pivotal role in her thesis work at DMI, as well as the rest of her work as a designer and educator, going forward.

Leo Rossoni is a thesis student at DMI, his passion is in designing toys to spur creative thinking and expression in others. He studied industrial design at RISD and has designed tee shirts, accessories and tools as a freelancer. He loves to incorporate philosophies of improv comedy and design into his projects.

Amanda Schuermann is a visual artist, designer, and educator who graduated with her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art + Design, in Boston Massachusetts in December 2011. Currently Amanda is a second year, part time graduate student in the Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt. She has been teaching art and design for over 4 years and is currently working full time at Plymouth North High School teaching visual art, film, digital photo, and graphic design. Amanda has a passion for all forms of design, specifically interactive, multimedia installations. At DMI, she is studying play as experience for her thesis topic, based on her interest in designing interactive experiences that can disarm individuals of their self-consciousness, inspire them to play, interact and be curious. One of Amanda’s many goals at DMI is to participate and showcase her work in an exhibition.

Siya Takalkar is a computer programmer and current MFA design candidate, who loves to create engaging interactive user experiences. She sees a lot of value in extracting people out of the digital space to engage them in interactions using their bodies in physical space. She believes that these experiences helps her users to explore the nonverbal language of motion, movements, gestures, haptic and so on. You can find some of her work at www.siyatakalkar.com.

Dan Vlahos is a Boston-based designer, artist and educator. Dan’s multidisciplinary design work has been recognized by the AIGA, the One Club, and the Interactive Media Council among others. Dan previously led graphic design and branding at Shepley Bulfinch, an architecture firm with offices in Boston, Houston and Phoenix, and graduated from MassArt in 2000 with a BFA in Graphic Design where he is currently teaching and pursuing his MFA through the Dynamic Media Institute.