"Dynamic media" is a broad term for the intersection of interaction- and communication-based design methodologies. It’s rooted in emerging digital forms, but it also includes disciplines and media formats that have preceded these technologies such as film, books, photography, and music.

The Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) is an interactive communication design program comprised of a diverse group of educators, computer programmers, engineers, fine artists, and graphic and industrial designers. At DMI, we produce works throughout the year that explore cutting-edge uses of technologies within the fields of art, design, and science.

Fresh Media is a unique prototyping event presented in a gallery environment. We use this opportunity to conduct user-testing and to think beyond the classroom. In previous years, Fresh Media allowed us to engage with approximately 500 viewers from the greater Boston area.

The work that we are creating and the ideas we are proposing focus on the impact of communications technologies on the community at large, both benevolent and malevolent. We hope to bring awareness to the multi-faceted uses of such technologies, such that our participants can consider their own place in this very dynamic world we live in.

Because we focus on designing experiences, the success of our projects relies heavily on the critical analysis of user-experience research. Tangible results not only enable us to better understand and develop our specific projects, but also expand the field of interaction design as a whole. Additionally, by sharing our playful yet thought-provoking works, we hope to engage the communities at large, asking them to question their place in the midst of this dynamic society we live in — and to have fun doing it!

This year our unique prototyping event will take place at the Boston CyberArts Gallery in Jamaica Plain. View the exhibition and reception details.